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09:03pm 15/12/2004
  Does anyone know of any volunteer opportunities in Jacksonville? I am in the National Honor Society at school and am supposed to have 12 or 13 recorded volunteer hours by January 4, 2005. I have 0 hours. Anyone know of anything?

09:08pm 10/11/2004
  I made a banner so u can rep the wood in your journal
its just a quick one, nothing special

09:43pm 21/08/2004
  is it just me, or does this year suck even more than last year? i can't wait to get out, c/o 05!  
alright bitches 
12:06am 05/08/2004
mood: bored
damn this is a sad excuse for a community so i figured it was time for an update.... Well we all go back in 5 days :tear: so bitches lets see what's up and post some schedules.. hey we might have a class

da classes:
1 English Hon. III Adkins
2 Physic Hon. I Corsano
3 Pre - Calculus Prichett
4 Spanish II Araman
5 AP U.S. History Mowbray
6 Marine Sci Hutchman
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01:39am 18/05/2004
  hmm, I'm thinking... school's about to be out, so what better way to spend it than skipping?

I'm thinking pool party at my house some time next week.

I'll get back to you on that.
08:55pm 15/05/2004
mood: bored
Sandalwood isnt as dramatic as people make it seem. But, anyfuckingwho! Andrea is gay...specially gay. See ya in art. peace!
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09:14am 10/03/2004
  im so damn glad i dont attend this hell hole...DAMN college is like...932485730498769875698475968745968475968 x's better...yeah...

Feb. 12th, 2004... 
06:56pm 12/02/2004
  Today was probably one of the most crazy fights to ever go down in Sandalwood History...

Goths/Mallcores v.s. the Gangsta's...

It involved crying, puking, pepper spray, and 30 minutes lunches...

Lets peace this shit up...I say...down with goth rock!

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what the hell happened... 
07:39pm 09/02/2004
  This whole community died! What the hell is wrong with you sandalwood people?! That doesn't sound as dramatic as it sounds...but still! Hit this shit up with some posts...

Hi I'm Andrea, and I attend Sandalwood High School

*Hi Andrea. You're special...*
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03:05pm 11/12/2003
  Just a reminder:

Guitar club meets every Monday in Woodshop. Bring your own guitar. We need more people to join.
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Here We Go... 
05:57pm 07/12/2003
mood: creative
Stop Your Bitchin'...

Heres Your Damnded Sandalwood Community!

Lets Start Things Off By Saying DA...You Guys Suck...

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